Adhesive tape specialists ABSTO hosted their annual National Sales Conference at the Mount Edgecombe Country Club from 31 March to 1 April. All sales staff from the company’s 3 branches attended the conference, which was aimed at encouraging staff to interact with each other as well as developing new strategies to drive sales and innovation across the business.

The conference featured several activities for the staff, including teambuilding exercises and brainstorming sessions to share new ideas and concepts that can be introduced to the market. The two-day affair also featured a company photo shoot of the businesses’ employees, facilities and products.

Following the launch of its two new production plants in Cornubia, Durban and Germiston, Johannesburg last year, the company has been focused on accelerating brand growth and increasing its capacity to service clients all over South Africa and beyond.

ABSTO’s Cornubia branch in particular also features the country’s first fully automatic rewind slitting machine, which reduces the time it takes to make tapes whilst increasing output.

The success of the conference marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ABSTO’s story as it builds on its mission to “Reach New Heights”. Focused on conceptualising innovative tape solutions for customers in an ever changing market, the brand is determined to find new ways to service its customers and deliver affordable, high-quality products. Speaking about the event ABSTO Manager Director, Craig Viljoen said: “It has been a while since all the staff has interacted and socialised together and it was really refreshing to be all together again, with a lot of new faces.”